Well being tips for diet and puryfying

Lots of fluids, more endurance

The human body needs a daily dose of about 2 liters of fluid. If one is active in sports, the summer heat causes one to sweat profusly or when one has to deal with a lot of stress at work, then an addition to those two liters is important.

So make it a point to remember to have water or somthing similar with you. And, so that all that you drink does not affect one in a negative way (please no alcohol) we recommend sugar-free tea, fruit juice, natural mineral water or just plain water from the pipe.

A healthy diet, the key to feeling great

If one is constantly in a rush, there is often not much time to deal with vitamins and nutritious foods. Commonly we quickly swallow a burger and some fries and have done with it.

A healthy diet does not have to mean it involves a lot of time and prepareation. You could just pocket an orange, an apple, a banana, or a carrot and snack on it in between, possibly at work or elsewhere.

By doing this, one secures the regular intake of necessary vitamins. The consumption of fruit and veggies assists the body with new strength and helps maintain fitness and vitality.

Apple vinegar, the natural weight loss remedy

Not only is a sea salt bath relaxing, but it also furthers skin growing cells. Through this use the skin keeps a smooth and young appearance.

“Purifying“ made easy

Drink a glass of water with lemon juice every morning, best of all before breakfast. Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of hot water. Then stir well and you’ve done it, - you will have made your own healthy lemon drink.

Lemon juice cleanses the body from within and enhances the purifying process.

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