Well being tips to relax and relieve stress

Battle stress successfully

The human body needs a daily dose of about 2 liters of fluid. If one is active in sports, the summer heat causes one to sweat profusly or when one has to deal with a lot of stress at work, then an addition to those two liters is important.

So make it a point to remember to have water or somthing similar with you. And, so that all that you drink does not affect one in a negative way (please no alcohol) we recommend sugar-free tea, fruit juice, natural mineral water or just plain water from the pipe.

Let out your anger!

Do not let your anger build up because with anger inside, living isn’t exactly easy. Make way for your anger. Simply scream loudly and let it all out if the time is right. It helps! Subsequently, it is safe to say you will feel lighter.

Fight fatigue successfully

If while at work you begin to lose concentration and become tired, it is a sign to take a short break.

Leave your work for 5 minutes. Relieve yourself with a short time-out. Go get some fresh air for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths in and out, it helps rejuvanate strength and energy.

Afterwards you will feel much fresher and will be able to attack your work with fresh vigor. One thing is for certain: short breaks from work increases the effectivity.

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