Well being: Enjoyment & Health

Well being is first of all associated with methods and treatments which increase the physical, mental and spiritual health.

On one side these are sauna, steam baths and massage treatments which help to relax and regain energetic balance. Beside classical treatments often methods based on asian health teachings like Ayurveda or Shiatsu are used.

On the other side these are cosmetic and beauty treatments like face- and body packs, peeling as well as pedicure and manicure.

However body awareness, a healthy diet and physical exercise belong also to the well being concept. But achievement-oriented thinking steps in the back seat and the focus is having fun exercising and health promotion.

Recreation holidays and spa hotels in South Tyrol

The best way to combine healthy living and enjoyment is most likely a vacation spent in a spa hotel. South Tyrol has a longer tradition when it comes to join well being and holidays.

In earlier times, during the Belle Époque (which ist the time around the turn of the century), when the alpine tourism started, it was called summer retreat. Especially the spa town Merano reached great fame as an alpine resort and spa.

The celebrities of the higher middle classes and nobility of that time met in Merano to enjoy the healty air, the mild mediterranian climate and the wonderful panoramic mountain view.

Today the Merano Thermal baths are a modern spa- and recreation center. But the art nouveau Kurhaus and the famous promenades of Merano, walking paths along the chilly waters of the Passer river, give evidence of these past times.

But also the other south tyrolean regions und valleys like Val Venosta (Vinschgau), Val Pusteria (Pustertal) or Val Gardena (Grödnertal) offer relaxing holidays in a spa hotel to enjoy excercise in nature and wonderful mountain panoramas together with pleasant well being treatments.

In the end also the south tyrolean cuisine, a blend of mediterranian and traditional tyrolean cuisine, and the high quality local incredients fully meet the well being idea.

Well being tips for your daily routine

Well being is a synonym for good health, fun and good condtion. We have collected a few well being tips for a positive attitude to life, which can be exercised at any time during your day:

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