Well being tips for shape and fitness

Fitness sport helps against tensions

Do you sit long hours at work? At your computer desk? Do you engage in little movement there? Do you complain about backpain and tense muscles? We have the remedy for you: Physical movement brings back balance to the body.

Look for a type of sport that would suit you as a counter activity on holidays or weekends. Go jogging, swiming or do some serious pedaling.

Sweating cleanses the body. Exercising strengthens muscles. You will see, afterwards you will often feel like newborn.

Pear or apple cheeks? Doesn’t matter! Firm at least!

Pinch your posterior cheeks at least 30 times a day – both simultaneously and then relax them. Your upper thighs and cheeks are thus exercised and will be brought into shape again. So, try it right away! Success does not wait long...

Aqua-fitness fights cellulite

Not only does-aqua fitness train and condition muscles, it also helps subdue cellulite. By way of the massage-like action of water, ones skin becomes taut and the connective tissue reinstates its tension.

For further information, tricks, and tips consult the Wellness trainer of your Wellnesshotel.

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