Well being tips for sauna and massage

Crank up your metabolism

A whole-body brush massage stimulates your muscles and increases circulation improving metabolism. Guaranteed without side-effects! Let the massage specialist in your spa hotel spoil you.

Drainage and its healing and pleasing effects

Drainage of the lymphatic system has purifying and diuretic effects. During lymph-drainage, soft pressure applied to the subcutaneous tissue. This can occur by means of circular movements twisting and pumping with help of thumb and fingers.

This stimulates the lymphatic vessels to drain excess fluid from the tissue. Even after a few treatments, the result becomes obvious.

Stimulate self-healing through foot reflex massage

Do you suffer from indigestion, poor circulation, arthritis, headaches, muscle tension, menstrual pain or a bladder infection?

A foot reflex massage could possibly be helpful. With this type of massage technique the foot is stimulated in various areas to concur with the organ types in pain. Through this stimulation self-healing is enabled.

Try out the positive and great-feeling effect of having such a massage. The massage specialist in your spa hotel will be glad to assist you.

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