Well being tips for feeling comfortable and a healthy lifestyle

Drinking tea is a must!

Green or black tea, it does not matter, they are both healthy. Tea contains certain plant substances that are commonly know as polyphenoles. This has an anti-oxidative effect, which means one can rid the body of certain harmful substances.

When preparing tea the polyphenole gets into the water. One should let the tea steep about five minutes. That way, plenty of the plant substances are transferred to the water and can perform to heal.

Fresh breath, thanks to parsley

Ethereal oil, found in parsley plants, gives you the fresh breath you desire. Simply try it!

Take a few fresh leaves of parsley and chew them thoroughly, particularly after drinking alcohol, a smoke, or after a hearty meal (Fish, oinions, etc.). By doing that you will feel self-assured and anyone around will be thankful

Soak up sun and good mood

Poor weather. Large, dark rain clouds on the horizon. Little sun. Does that affect your good spirits?

Specially in winter people are more prone to mood swings and depressions, which is also because of a lack of sun shine.

Use every opportunity for a walk when the sun is shining. You surely will also find a sun bench to relax, let the sun shine on you and enjoy the landscape.

Sunrays trigger the body to produce vitamin D. This vitamin is sometimes known as the “good-mood” vitamin. Not only does vitamin D help to lift moods but that skin-warming sensation also feels great.

Fresh air, the key to feeling healthy

Long walks through mother nature’s beauty not only provide the body with fresh air but also renewed energy.

Take in the great air, let your thoughts run free, forget about your dull, everyday routines for just a while...

You will see that a daily dose of fresh air will strengthen your body as well as your soul and will help you get rid of stress.

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